Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Search For Life

After a winter of thinking, 
spring has brought such lovely light.
It's so nice to be comfortable,
my life having found a pleasant gate.

It's interesting the evolution 
from isolation to integration.

I have forgotten what was once strange.
It now seems so normal and obvious.
Ways of thinking that seemed ridiculous,
now seem filled with reason and purpose.

Of course, I'm certainly an "outsider",
I'm aware of that,
but just because one is an outsider
that doesn't mean one isn't integrated.
 At least for me...

I see integration as comfort,
and I am comfortable.
So I now find myself more concerened
with participating in the world around me
rather than observing the world around me.

And I just want to report from the other side that
there is a life beyond our borders.
Whether it be 
or physical.

There is life out there.
All we have to do is take the steps.

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