Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cheesed Off

Goat Cheese

So, we have two traditionally made cheeses 
ready for their close-up.

Both cheeses were made 
in the same traditional Korean pot 
using the same lemon, herb and salt.

One is made with soy milk.
One is made with goat's milk.

Which will be preferred?

Well, it's hard to say.

Once they were on the tapas
It was impossible to tell which was which.

My Research Here: 

In the end, all I use of my cheese is:
What you need to know is that the more lemon and vinegar you use the more tart or tangy it gets.  You can easily adjust the acidity to your taste.  Don't be afraid to change and modify things. 

In fact, I shortcut just about everything.  There is very little you have to do other than not boil the crap out of your milk.
Now get your butt in the kitchen and have an adventure.  

Soy Cheese

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