Friday, March 8, 2013

A Game of Sardines

Salt Sit
During my search for the perfect fusion tapas 
made with Korean ingredients,
I realized I needed Spanish cured sardines.

Pear Vinegar Bath
I used this recipe from The Spanish Hipster:
but made a few changes.
I let them cure for 6 hours
(because I needed to go to work)
Experimented with lime juice 
(because I was out of lemon)
Used Korean Pear Vinegar
(because I don't like imports)

Oil Bed
The result was just delightful
and perfect for my toasts.
Perfection with fresh cheese.

NOTE: You might not want to let them sit in the salt for six hours if you are planning to eat them on their own.  I like the longer salt bed because they last longer and are great with other plane ingredients.

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