Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Yes"terday's Dinner

One of my all-time favorite shows is "Being Erica".
It helped give me the idea 
of moving to South Korea in the first place.

In the show there is a total tosser 
who writes a book called "The Power of Yes".
It was so ridiculous, but it got me thinking, 
"Why not?" 
Why not just say, "Yes
to everything I am offered?

So, for the last three years I've done just that.

This last weekend -
as I bit into some of the best 
meatballs, braciola, and Italian sausages
I've had in my life - 
I realized they tasted like, "Yes."
Each bite made you feel like life was 
easy, exciting, and rich.
Each mouthful made me want to say,
"Yes", to family.
"Yes", to friends.
"Yes", to adventure.
"Yes", to risk.
"Yes", to reward.

I know. I know.
That's a lot to read into a meal,
but when people cook you can taste who they are 
and/or who they want to be.

If they are afraid... you can taste it.
If they don't care... you can taste it.
If they are exhausted... you can taste it.
but at the same time

If they love... you can taste it.
If they dream... you can taste it.
If they live... you can taste it.

So, although I have only just met my lovely hosts,
I think they must be amazing people, because 
last night "yes" was rolled into every spicy 
meatball, braciola, sausage and rice ball.

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