Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home Grown Korean

My students creating my daily lesson plan.
 Learning to speak a language "fluently" is a beast.
It's so much harder than just memorizing vocabulary.
You have to learn new social rules, 
new assumptions, 
new gestures,
and new ideas.

It's an entirely new way of thinking about the world.

Right about the time you think you are getting ahead,
something happens that knocks you back a bit.

In short, its a long climb up a long, hard hill.

Which is why I study Korean 
rain or shine.
My kids face this challenge every day,
and I need to face it with them.

after suffering from after holiday mind mud,
I found myself searching for direction,
in both teaching English and learning Korean.

What I found was the awesome:
TOPIK vocabulary list

Memerise makes studying vocabulary
 rad, cool, awesome and fun.
They link learning to the concept of gardening.
Thus creating the best tool, by far, 
for getting your head back in the game of learning.

It also has something other study systems don't have:
A built in system for 
systematically reviewing 
vocabulary over time.

This feature is a huge deal,
it ensures you truly know your stuff!

It might also give you great ideas
on how to make learning more fun for your students.
Come on now,
it's time your language skills grew up.

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