Sunday, January 13, 2013

Only Linda Ronstadt Really Gets Me

Oh, look at poor old pitiful me.
 There is no doubt 
my drama had gone stale.
The plot lines had dwindled 
and no cast had matriculated.

Sure, I could blame it on Korean's being cold,
or ex-pats being a bunch of twats,
but that's the easy way out -
blaming others for my isolation.

The truth is that I stopped trying.
I stopped reaching out.
I stopped going out.
I stopped planning things.
I stopped doing things. 
I had other priorities and it got out of hand.

However, for a moment I felt the blame trickling in.
For a minute I felt, "Poor me" settling into my constitutions.
"Poor me" I don't have any friends.
"Poor me" everyone left me.
"Poor me" it's so hard to meet people with the same interests.
"Poor me" I have to do everything myself.

So I called "Bullshit".
There is no poor me.
There is just me being stupid.
There is just me being selfish.
There is just me expecting other people 
to solve my problems.
I took responsibility.  I reached out.

Within minutes my life was booked out for months
because my friends are many and they are wonderful.

There was never any, "Poor me
there was just me being a dip shit.

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