Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warm Feet, Warm Heart

Heated bed pads are 35,000 - 115,000w.

There are tricks to living in the cold.
Here is one I've often used.
When I was in Alaska 
I did it with a sleeping bag and a dog.

However, in Korea I use 
a comforter and a heated bed pad.

First, turn your bed heater on a low setting.

Second, take your fleece trousers and a lovely sweater,
fold them up nice and place them where you sleep.

Third, place your woolly slippers next to your clothes.
Mine were felted for me by my Aunt in Alaska
and I love them with every inch of my heart.
But I digress...
be sure not to stack everything 
or make it into a ball.
It needs to be laid on in a line for best results.


Fourth, cover the little, lovelies with the comforter.
When you arrive home 
your bed, your clothes, and your slippers 
will be toasty and delightful.

Since most of us don't keep our 
apartments heated during day in winter
this makes coming home just delightful.
It also doesn't run your electric bill up,
so win-win.

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