Monday, November 26, 2012

What's the matter? Chicken?

A gift from a parent that would never fit in my fridge.
 For folks who love to cook but have small fridges,
there is a secret you need to know.
Are you ready for this?
Hold your breath, it's a big one.
If you buy your eggs from the market
you don't need to refrigerate them!

nobody outside of North America
gives a rats ass about refrigerating their eggs
because they buy delicious ones 
laid by real chickens on real farms.

So unclench thee buttocks,
get thee to the local market,
and leave those eggs out with wild abandon,
(for up to two weeks)
you aren't going to die.

Don't believe me?
Feeling like a pansy?
Well, just google it why don't ya?
Read all the arguments,
and make an informed choice.

I find that I need the space in my fridge
more than I need to be freaked out
by rules created for industrial farmers
for their frankeneggs.

If it helps you feel more confident,
it's easy to tell if your eggs have gone bad.
Just drop them in water, 
a fresh egg don't float.

For that matter,
if it floats it's also a witch.

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