Saturday, November 24, 2012

How To Justify An Addiction

A few ways your 
can make your life better beyond the plate.
Here are three ways 
I recycle 
my shipping supplies
and add storage to my apartment.

End Table With Storage

Always looking for new ways to hoard delicious food stuffs.
Toss a scarf over it and it's a beautiful, hand little table.

Coffee Nook

The perfect home for my coconut sugar and Alaskan roasted beans.
The cubes allow me to add and take away from my kitchen storage as needed.

 Never Enough Tubs
There are never enough tubs in the house.
There is always something I need to store.

Since Kit just hand delivered 
new dry ingredients from the states 
I'm going to need more kitchen storage.  

Looks like I'll just have to order some burritos.  
Darn, my luck.

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