Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Socrates Fan Girl

We found him all alone at an open mike many years ago.
He stood up there and he played his guitar 
and he sang his songs with an impressive intensity,
but when he walked off stage shyness enveloped him.

It was a gauntlet thrown at our feat.
Shoes, Rebeqa and I just couldn't resist him.
He was like a shiny new toy.
So, adorable, so talented, so shy.
We.... had... to... press... the... button....
So later, as we sat across the room 
from him and his friends at a pizza joint.
We screamed and swooned,
"Oh, it's Ahren."  
"Can you believe it?" 
"Is it really him!"
"Oh, I think he looked at me!"
We did it with commitment. 
 We did it relentlessly.
We were horrifyingly annoying.

A few months later,
Shoes tricked him into coming to Thanksgiving dinner.
 We must have done something right, though,
because he didn't run away screaming
when he was greeted in a similar fashion at our home,
"Ahhhh, it's Ahren!!!!" 
"He's at our house!!!"

For reasons we don't really understand,
he chose to keep hanging around,
and we feel so privilaged and lucky.

Now he has his very own awesome band
And they have released their first music video.

Although Shoes, Rebeqa and I were Ahren's first 
screaming, swooning fans.
I know we wont be his last.

You can read Ahren's life blog here:

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