Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Play: Computer - Student - Tester

You could hear a pin drop in here.
 There are more people 
then I had realized 
wrapped up in the drama 
of getting their 
Korean Drivers License From Scratch.
It's been exciting
to hear about their experiences,
talk about our individual fears,
and reflect on our different adventures.

For me, this is what living abroad is about.
It's about doing the scarying things.
The terrifying and normal things.
Then having a laugh about it.

As it turns out these conversations 
also brought to light additional critical information
that needs added to the original episode of
First of all, many cities
 - such as Daejeon-
now have computerized "Road Tests".
but be a good hitch hiker and
Don't Panic
This is good news!
Unlike my test with a real person, 
the computer is in clear, easy to follow English!
 That's right, it's easier then with a person.

That said, 
a person is still in the car with you,
and if the computer fails you but you still did a good job,
they will just pass you anyway. 
No joke, it happened.  
For realz.

Which brings us to the game segment of this variety show.
Something I like to call
Computer, Tester, Student
How to Play:
Computer beats student.
Student beats Tester.
Tester beats Computer.

Now for the BIG HINT
The biggest thing to remember on this test is 
you MUST
put the car in neutral when are waiting at a stop light,
or waiting around for anything what-so-ever.
It's no joke.
They will fail your ass if you don't.
Unless, you drive well in general.
Then you pass anyway...
but it's still important...

Check out this video
It walks you through the Driving Exam From Scratch Process.
Also read the original post:
 For additional advice and critical video links.

On the road again...

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