Thursday, August 2, 2012

Philippines or Bust: Part 3

So I'm off again. Watching the funny transportation scurry around me.
I still don't know much about where I am or where I am going.
I just need to get to Cebu so I keep saying that to people and they keep putting me on busses.
Like Mexico.  The bus food in the Philippines is fantastic.
Grilled corn and fried bananas show the Spanish influence clearly.
The bus stops can be quite organic.
Finally I arrive at my boat.
I was lucky that my taxi driver knew of the first ship being allowed to leave after the Typhoon.
Everyone has been stuck in Ilioilo waiting to get to Cebu.
It's freighter not a ferry.
I dine by candle light in a corner food stall.
The rain is still coming down. 
The freighter is lovely.  Very clean, in fact its won awards for excellence.
Since the weather still isn't all that great,
I'm really happy to be on a BIG ship for this overnight trip.
We leave at 7pm and it's straight through to Cebu.
I have no idea when we will arrive.
I end up getting my own room for next to no money.
I get to read and sleep like a baby.
Maybe the most restful boat ride of my life.

As we arrive in Cebu we are met by the "boat gypsies".
I also meet a new friend who tells me of an island that I will like north of the city.
I decide to take his advice.
When we leave the ferry terminal he waves down my taxi and tells the driver where to take me.
I'm off to a new island whose name I can't quite remember.
The trip is long and beautiful.
Cebu is an island of lyme stone so it's quite different from anything else I have seen.
It also has a LOT more money then any other places I have been so far.
24 hours later I find myself looking for another small ferry to another even tinier island.
I'm hoping this is the paradise I've come to find.

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