Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Philippines or Bust: Part 2


So I catch a quick tricycle ride to the ferry to Boracay.
It costs all of $.25.
It looks like having no money is going to work out ok.
The sky opens up and the Typhoon begins again minutes after arriving in Boracay and I get drenched.
My scooter/taxi boy stops to let me wait out the rain in a restaurant.
After tucking my phone in a waterproof pouch,
we head back out into the suddenly flooding streets and torrential rains.
I tell my scooter boy I have no money. I need an inexpensive hotel.  He takes me to Tree House. It sits the quiet end of white beach and has shared rooms for $6.  It's perfect.  He offers to take me around the island the next day. I tell me I don't want to spend money, he says that's ok and we decided he will pick me up at 10am for a tour.
The next morning there he is.
I give me $11 and say, "Here is what I have to spend."
He says ok and we are off.

Our first stop is a "remote" and undeveloped beach.
It's stunning, but the waves are treacherous.
They make no sense as the winds create new currents.
It's terrifying to be out in these waves and I quickly realize, not safe.
However, even with the insane wind. It feels like paradise.
For the first time in two years I get to go to a beach in a swimsuit instead of shorts and t-shirt.
It feels weird, but I'm committed to enjoying the freedom.
After, we head to the highest point and I get to see all sides of the island.
I see there is an area that looks calm.
I ask if we can go there to play in the ocean.
Sure enough, there is a protected area on the far side of the island where the winds don't go.
Children, on vacation during the Typhoon warning,
are having boat races.
We bond over their boat building savvy.
We returned home in the early afternoon after seeing all the island had to offer.
I had paid $2 an hour for my guide and transportation.
After napping, I spent the evening discovering what White beach had to offer.

After waking up I decided it was time to move on.
Boracay is lovely, but not for me.

So I say goodbye to my little slice of almost-paradise
and head out for the next part of my adventure.
On the ferry back the rough waters leave me repeatedly drenched.
It's a good start to the new adventure.

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