Monday, June 25, 2012

Riding the Waves

It's a no brainer.
Relocating obviously means new adventures.
With all the major players in my drama 
launching new spin-off-adventures of their own
it's time to meet some new 외국인.

This time I'm going about it
with more focus and intent.
Searching for people who make me laugh,
create their own adventures,
and don't mind me tagging along.

Where to start?
Well, that's easy enough
 Where adventurers go to meet.

And of course, it worked like a charm.

We laughed, 
we joked, 
we rescued orcas 
and smoked tobacco from long pipes under a crescent moon.

It looks the summer of 2012 
might be one more epic adventure.
Bring on the couches.
Bring on the surfing.
Bring on the adventures. 

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