Saturday, January 14, 2012

Can You Spare Some Change?

The hardest thing to do in life is change.
There is comfort in what we know. Which is why they say, 
"The devil we know is better then the devil we don't."

But sometimes you just have to suck it up.  
You have to muster up the courage to loose it all because, well, 
if you don't you've lost everything all ready.

Why is this important to me?  Because I grew up in a world peppered with people who where willing to sacrifice anything to avoid change or a fall from social grace.  I watched them sacrifice everything, including their children, for the money and the opinions of others

Like Scarlett stood in the empty field and swore, 
 "As God is my witness, they're not going to lick me! I'm going to live through this, and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again."  

I stood in the cold, empty Alaskan woods and said,  
"God, I won't let these people destroy my life.  I'm going to survive this and when it's over I'll never let fear of the unknown rule my life again."

From that point on I was committed to living a life without fear.
Of course it hasn't been that easy,
since, if there is one thing I can't deal with in life, it's change.

I continue, though, because I am changing even as we speak
and I don't want to live in fear of myself.

I try to remember that the reason I love the sea,
is that each time the tide ebbs and flows,
it unveils something new I'd never thought to look for.

So I must trust it will be with me,
as I change.


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