Monday, September 7, 2015

One Thing Leads to Another

All we have out here is each other. So hang on tight.
When I watch Diego and Nyx rough and tumble across our floor I not only reminded of the miracle of their survival, but also the miracle of the human hearts ability to love during the most difficult times. Sure, I know what you might be thinking, "Hey crazy dog lady, it's just some dogs. Don't get too carried away." 

Well, what you might not know is that both of our little cuddle monsters came from homes filled with the love and compassion of migrant/refugees from the middle east who, with nothing of their own, still found time to love something that didn't deserve any of their precious time or limited emotional energy.

While worrying about their families safety, their human rights, their visas, sending money to their families, finding jobs, living without community - they still had space in their hearts to love something that couldn't even care for itself.  In Diego's case, they loved something that didn't even have the emotional capacity to really be kind to them in return. He loved them, but he couldn't control himself enough to always be kind.

Years later, Diego's rescue dad has become one of our dearest friends. He is an amazing person who works tirelessly in a stressful job to support his family that remains in Syria while also fighting for refugee status for - not only himself - but also the rest of his family so they can join him in Korea. During this struggle, he has still found time to reach out and help us when we have needed it. A fact that leaves us very humbled. 

So, when I see my puppies rough and tumbling around the floor I'm reminded that I am wealthy.  I'm reminded that I have the time and resources to help those around me.  I'm reminded that compassion is the answer, not fear.  I'm reminded that Syrian refugees aren't an abstract concept in the news. They are part of the reason my Diego lives in my house. The reason I have a car that drives even when I didn't have the money for parts. The reason the Harri-bou-bou has a friend to climb with on the weekends.  We sit here so blessed by this friendship and wonder how we can begin to give back.

Why do I write this? Because I want you to know when you support refugees you support people who make a difference in this world. You empower the best kind of people.  When I say support, I don't mean just money.  I mean give them compassion, give them an ear to tell their story, understand what they have given up to be there next to you, understand that they loved what they left behind, give them friendship when they are alone. Do this because sometimes when the world is darkest, you don't need money, you need hope.

Basically, I write this in hopes that one person somewhere will be motivated to reach out to someone next to them that looks different, that sounds different, that is struggling in a new home with a new language, and just say, "Hey, let's be friends." Because that's how things go from being abstract to concrete, and it's how we find what we need most in the world - each other... and puppies.

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