Sunday, August 2, 2015

Social Climbers

Last week one of my younger students came in to chat with me before class started.  We were discussing our favorite summer activities and I told him I loved rock climbing.  The next day, as soon as I walked into school he came bouncing out of his class to give me a brochure for a climbing gym in Songtan and Pyeongtaek.  He said he went with his parents and had a really great time.

Although I knew this gym was in Pyeongtaek City, I hadn't realized there was one in Songtan.  I hadn't even thought to look. Of course I had to to check it out.  I mean, it was recommended by a third grader. 

The gym is about 5 minutes walk from Seojeongri Station.  It's only bouldering, but that's fine with us.  We climb outside on weekends so we are just looking for a place to train a few hours during the week.  The owner and climbers were very welcoming.  Sure, they didn't speak much English, but you can figure things out.  The Harri-bou-bou will be joining the gym after summer holiday and I will most likely join this winter.

They gyms are open Monday - Friday but closed on the weekends.  
They stay open until 10 or 11pm.
The price is 80,000 a month.
Discount for couples membership.
Discounts for 3, 6, 12 month plans.
Not sure the price for kids/families.
They don't usually do single use.
There is an are for storing gear.

Name: 평택클라이밍센터
Address: 경기도 평택시 이충동 467-8
(Where we went)

Name: 평택클라이밍센터
Address: 경기도 평택시 비젼동 818-3
(We haven't visited here)

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