Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mudfest In A Day (With a car)


After many years, I finally made it back for a little Mudfest drama.  Despite all the reasons I want to hate Mudfest, I love it.  In fact, I have found that the more someone doesn't want to go, the more they seem to fall in love with it when they arrive.  

Of course, in three years a lot has changed.  For example, there were actually clean people at the festival.  I have no idea how this happens, but it does.  They no longer have the endless mud tubs that they used to and it's possible to go the entire day clean as a whistle - which is a little sad but understandable.

A good change is that the festival has become much more integrated and, quite possibly, Koreans out numbering foreigners these days.  With this change has come better parking, increased beach use and improved overall services - but MUCH bitter crowds. Despite there being more people, the balance between local and visitor seems to actually help keep the foreigner drama down to a minimum and create a much more mellow dynamic.

What has remained true through time is that a successfully Mudfest experience requires planning and attention to detail.  If you don't get it right, you end up spending a lot of time standing in lines that could have been avoided.  Here is our system.

Master Tips To Mudfest in a Day
(For those driving)

Leave Early:  You need to be out of Pyeongtaek by 7:30 am.  
This will help you avoid traffic and find easy parking.

Arrive Early:  Don't mess around.  
If you want parking get there by 9:00 a.m. Full stop.

Buy Your Wristbands Immediately: Hesitation is for the weak. Go straight to the stand to get your wristbands for the game area  Don't question this.  Once there is a line, this entire schedule is useless and you WANT to play some games.

Go Straight to the Games: Don't go look at stuff.  
Get a game or two in first thing.  It's worth it.  PRO TIP:  Don't wait until you enter the area to take of your shoes.  Take your shoes off while you are inline and slide them under the rail so they are easy to access when you are done.   You don't want to have to find your shoes in the pile of shoes later.

Body Painting: If you want the colored mud leave after 1-2 games.  
This takes FOREVER so get in line with friends and have a laugh.  Nobody is in a hurry so you shouldn't be either. 

Games, second round:  If you want to play more mud games, you have a second chance.  They are going to take a lunch break.  Pay attention to when this happens.  When it does, get in line 15-20 mins before the 1hr break ends.  This will give you the chance to do 1-2 more games before massive lines form.

Going Home:  We usually leave around 5-6 pm.  
Once again, this allows you to not get caught up in the massive amounts of cars trying to go home at the end of the day.  You DO NOT want to be caught up in this.  It is worse than your worst nightmare.

What to take:
  1. Clothes you can throw away.
  2. A waterproof case/bag for handphone and money
  3. Cash. Don't waste time looking for ATMs
  4. Clean clothes for the ride home
  5. You're phone. You WILL NOT be able to find your friends without it.
  6. Snacks for the ride home.
  7. Wet wipes
  8. Towels
  9. A sense of fun
What NOT to take:
  1. You're handphone without a case.
  2. Things that can't get dirty
  3. Jewelry (wedding bands, etc)
  4. Drinks in glass bottles 
  5. Judgmental attitude

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