Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Green Tea Party Gets My Vote

Since moving to Korea I've been eyeing the Boseong green tea fields,
but they were soooo far away.
*whimper* whine * wollow *

So when I was offered a seat in a van headed south,
I took the chance and ran with it.

We were schooled in the art of the tea ceremony.

Followed winding rivers.

Made our own green tea stuffed pillow.

Played traditional games.

Picked our own tea leaves for home.
Learned to spin thread from grass.
Drank A LOT of free tea.

Watched how tea was sorted, roasted, and rolled.

And generally basked in the stunning beauty.

Big thanks to my lovely driver, and dear friend, Nicole.
You made it a wonderful adventure.
Learn more about at at Discover Korea.

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