Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Revolution

Pyeongtaek Lake New Years Celebration

When the sun rose above Pyeongtaek lake,
life looked much different than seasons past.
During the 2011 season I was just trying to breathe,
In 2012 I worked on moving forward,
and in 2013 all time was lost. 
Now, in 2014 I have come full circle
and caught our tail.

The Harri-bou-bou and Diego Burrito
now share the marque
and I must figure how
what that means for my character.
Will this be a rom-com?
A drama?
A tragedy?
It's never really clear,
but it's most certainly worth watching.

What I do know is that,
as leading men go,
I'm certain I nailed the casting.

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