Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Heart of Seoul

A warm welcome on a cold November night.

What do you do when you have a friend in from Seattle?
You find the nerdiest, 
place to stay in Seoul possible.

Hands down, that means 
a homestay in a hanook in Bukchon.
But if your guest is from Seattle,
that's just not enough.

Nope, you go the extra mile 
and you make sure it's organic.


The beds were extremely comfortable with big down comforters.


In the morning, you have free range of the kitchen and it's free-range eggs.
The fig jam, fresh bread and eggs was perfect way to ease the sadness of goodbye.

For those of you choosing a homestay,
these are not a hotels.
There aren't TVs, closets, etc.
These are traditional Korean houses.
You are also generally unsupervised.

These places are a home away from home.
They look like homes,
they feel like homes,
they have imperfections like homes.

So just relax and love them
because they are magic
in the heart of the second largest city
in the world.

PS In my humble opinion,
these are the ONLY places to stay in Seoul
outside the jimjilbong.

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