Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Pigs are flying.
Hell has frozen over.
These are facts.

How do I know this to be true?
Tonight, on the way home, 
after feeling just a little sick all day,
I had the compulsion to run.

So - calling my brains bluff - 
I tightened up my backpack,
tossed my scarify jauntily over my shoulder,
and I ran.

Not only did I run, 
but I ran easily
and for a long distance.
until finally I willed myself to stop.

Not because I was tired 
or physically uncomfortable,
but because the overt and disturbing strangeness of it all.

I don't run for the bus.
I distrust anyone who runs as a hobby. 
In fact,  I consider running to be on of my sister's few faults.

A person like me simple does not,
in any sense or shape,
 just suddenly become a runner.
Especially when they are looking 40 in it's smug little face.

It's just not natural.

So I pondered that maybe I had died,
or possibly there was a glitch in the matrix.
However, I still had a yearning for spaghetti 
so I wrote those options off as unlikely.

Still, the desire to run nipped at my heals.
I wanted to fly along the rice paddies,
like I used to fly across the tundra.

I fought it.
I wandered slowly
in a lazy pattern.

Yet, even as I bounded up my stairs
in anticipation of tonights coverage of arial bacon and a frozen hades,
my mind lingered outside in the cool autumn air.
I just wanted to feel my feet floating across the ground once again.

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