Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let's Get High

Let's do this darn thing.

Sometimes you just gotta fly.
Thanks to a great connection,
I learned there is a paragliding team 
stationed out of Pyeongtaek headed by
a fellow English speaking foreigner.

So, for my birthday,
I did what many have recommended for years,
I went and jumped off a cliff...
and let myself soar.

It was worth every penny,
even if my feet had never left the ground.
The mountains you go off are stunning.
The people you hang out with are the best kind.
There couldn't have been a better way to celebrate
getting older and living another day.

If you want to give it a try, 
you can find Fly to the Sky here: 
ask for Greg Succop.  He will hook you up.

Waiting on the mountain top feels like a friend I've always known.

Craig, our fearless leader.
Life is like paragliding, you've gotta throw yourself into it, never look back and let it take you.

Looking out into the future.  It's an amazing view.
Fashion sense.
Wings and things.
Gear up.
A birds eye view.
An adorable little pest found it's way into the gear.
Looking back on a year well spent, makes me smile.
 Once again, if you wanna give this a try,
you know, with someone who speaks English,

you can contact Craig Succop via  Fly to the Sky 
or also visit this group Paragliding in South Korea.

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