Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Hero

My life has been made better 
by my students.

 So, when they said goodbye with pretty confections,
my heart felt full and blessed.
Of course, my coworkers have filled in the cracks
the students could never reach.

 Everyday, without fail, they were delightful.
Their stories and tears a welcome part of my day. 
And, although I knew I would miss them,
I did not reflect on if they would miss me.

So when they wrote going away letters,
(instead of just signing a going away card)
it cut through me in a way I had not considered
and this generally cold girl cried.

I see clearly in the gifts and words of
my students and co-teachers, 
that when the last lights are turned out 
and my bags are packed,
they are the heroes 
in this chapter 
of my drama. 

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