Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Happiest Place On Earth

It's hard to say exactly how I ended up here.

Even he seems to think I've lost my mind.
Minnie, however, seems to be supporting the decision.  I feel reassured.
Suiting up for my scuba certification,
in diving caves below a country kindergarten.

There is actually a diving cave under all this as well.
Let's just say, a momentary crisis and access to internet 
always ends this way for me.

So there I was, suiting up 
in a private diving dungeon in Korea
to complete a SCUBA certification 
I started 25 years ago in Maui.

A training I ended up doing blind 
because I didn't have my contacts.

 It was kind of like this, but with less visibility. 

Somewhere in the middle I was richly rewarded 
with a street festival and a kebab.

And in the end 
re-learning to dive
in the basement of a Disney Castle
in the farm fields of Korea
was ... well,
surreal to say the least...
quite frankly,
the best,
most ridiculous, 
 diving adventure ever.

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