Friday, March 30, 2012


A lot has changed in the last year.

A year ago today,
 I was riding my bike through Sokcho
letting the wind and sea air line my lungs as I raced
to trade soup for bread with the one friend I allowed myself to make.

Today I'm meeting the same friend 
as we prepare to say, "Goodbye!"
and he is swept away by my other bestie,
Babbie, to the good old US of A.

A year ago,
I was also saying, "Goodbye!"
To my first school of students.  

Preparing, myself to move from Sokcho 
to the unknown world
that is Anjung-eup.

A year ago, 
this is what my first garden looked like

 before I left it behind to start my life all over again, again.

 One year ago, 
I looked forward without hesitation and road the waves without question.

I hope that I can continue to as brave as I was,
or at least appeared to be,
one year ago.

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