Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stepping Stones

A year ago I made my first New Years resolution:
"Breathe In
Breathe Out
Repeat 10,541,200 times.
This year is all about resuscitation."
At the time is seemed an impossible goal.
My brain, emotions and body were jello.

For whatever reason I was drawn to Korea.
Not because of it's exotic-ness or excitement
but because it seemed a kindred spirit.
A place that would hold me safely
until I could learn to walk again.

A place I could breathe in and breathe out 10,541,200 times.

I was not wrong.
Mission accomplished.

Now, there are a thousand more questions than answers.
It's time to dance with those skeletons and ghosts,
and sort the friends from foes.

My 2012 New Years Resolution Is:

"To connect the dots
and follow them like
stepping stone
into the future."


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