Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come And Go With Me

Goodbye Jordon

Goodbye Ronnie

For those that choose to live in the global subculture, life is rich with goodbye and hello.  With each new season relationships rise and fall and hearts are broken and remade with consistent regularity. 

It can make you or it can break you.

Welcome - Alyssa & Landon
 It is something that makes one feel more connected to the moment and what it has to offer.  Relationships can't be put off until tomorrow because they are finite, indefinite.  Each relationship is made with the knowledge that it will end and a piece of your heart will be broken off, and taken away to a new corner of the world. 

So you must decided to love despite certain pain.  
You must laughing with the certain knowledge that you will cry.

 Within this dance you discover the depth of your own resilience.  
If you are lucky, you also discover the depth to which you can love.

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