Saturday, February 5, 2011

Point A to Point B

As my final meal I chose Macrina Bakery.
Per usual, it was magic in every bit.

I'll take it all thank you.
My family was all there to send me off.

The best way to start the day.

My Drama got off to a great start when Patty Wagon lost her brakes on the way to the airport. Luckily The Harri-bou had studied the fine art of driving without breaks under the firm tutelage of Kelly-bou during one cold and icy Russian winter.  He handled the situation beautifully and delivered me safely to airport without incident.

My hero
Thankfully, my flight wasn't down and dirty.  No layovers.  Just straight shot from point A to point B.  Korean Airlines treated me right and the 12 hour flight flew right by, pun intended.  

They had me from USB charger in my seat & bottomless movie choices.

I watched my body weight in films.
Once I arrived in Seoul I was able to hop right on my iPhone and update everyone about my arrival.  Wifi truly is everywhere so I never missed a beat connecting with my family before hopping on the bus across country to Sokcho. 
Waiting for my first bus, looking more awake then I am.
To be honest, the only eventful part of my day was when Patty lost her brakes, and even that didn't get me too excited since I was exhausted.  Truth is, I literally got from Seattle to Sokcho in my sleep.  Barely remember any of it.  My hosts were very helpful in making sure I was met at any critical points in Korea so I didn't even need to really wake up.  All I had to do was follow the random Korean men who knew my name. 

 All in all, there was nothing scary or nerve racking about any of it.  
In fact, it's far scarier and disorienting to visit - say - the Southcenter Mall or Mississippi.

PS When I'm more settled I'll re-visit and refine this post, but for now I just wanted to let everyone know I'd arrived.


Unknown said...

I love you.

Glad you are safe and sound. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures this year.

You Are Here said...

Hurray! My first comment. Miss you guys. So happy we have Facebook and blogs :)