Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Goes Up To 11

My Visa number arrived. 
It's now time to take this decision and crank it up to 11. 
Normal decisions only go up to 10, but this one... it goes up to 11.

The paperwork is a little different then what I sent to Korea the first time around and I ended up needing a sealed copy of my college transcript even though I was told I wouldn't.
Good thing I ordered some just in case.

I'd like to say that I rocked my interview, but I didn't.
It was a train wreck narrowly averted.
Anytime you show up and pay for your visa in quarters it's not starting well.

All I could think was, "Less is more, less is more".
For example, when she asked me, "Why do you want to live in Korea?"
I did not answer, "Because it's got really good TV."
Let's consider that a win.

So, on Monday we will have the final results.

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