Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tradition First

Next year my holidays wont look like this.

Not that many have.  

because every family has their own traditions, and in ours it's adventure.

So, although I will miss the smell of pine and the twinkling lights,
I know my family will always put tradition first...

just like they did in Portofino when we found the magical villa under the road...

or in Puerto Vallarta when they hired a guide, a cooler
and a boat to go exploring up the coast...

or when we journeyed to Russia to see our brother,
but forgot to mention when we were arriving... or his contact info...

or when we flew home from Central America on Thanksgiving day 
and arrived just in time 
to host a big Orphan Thanksgiving in Seattle...

Next year it will all be different, and yet so the same

whether it's breaking bread via Skype
swimming in the warm waters of Thailand
stomping through the snows of Sokcho-si

I'm looking forward to honoring tradition.

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