Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little Miss Mori

Name: Little Miss Mori
Birthplace: Artist / Maid

The daughter of a flight attendant and a spy, Little Miss Mori (which means forest in Japanese) lives a wonderful and happy life toodling around Seattle with The Nae-nae and the Rebeqa.  The perfect partner in crime for the ornery sisters.

However, there is more to this friendly threesome then just their wacky miss-adventures.  They have a finely honed system of checks and balances designed to keep each other out of trouble and on the straight and narrow road of relative sanity.

What will Rebeqa and Little Miss Mori do without the third balance and the third check?  More importantly, what will The Nae-nae do without the Miss Mori and Rebeqa to call her back from crazy town?  

Will Nae-nae remember how to dress appropriately for public, or will she once again forget to put on pants before leaving the house?  Will miss Mori remember Diet Coke and cigarettes aren't dinner?  Will Rebeqa remember that food she be eaten off plates not pants?  Stay tuned.

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