Friday, April 19, 2013

It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day

 Today is Saturday.  This morning I woke early and made my morning espresso and listened to a light spring rain falling on the rice paddies.  My last morning alone is shrouded in a soft grey mist.

For over two years I've wondered if this day would ever come.  The day my Harry-bou would follow me across the world.  Today he did.  In nine hours he will touch down in South Korea with no return flight.

Ours has not been a love built under bright blue skies so it seems fitting that he should arrive amidst the sweet melancholy of warm spring showers.   Ours has been a Winter Sonata, a Miramax film, a Dickens tale.  

However, our story is not over.  Instead we are entering a new season.  One that will build on the drama and suspense of the previous years, but with a fresh new perspective and a lighter pen.  This time we are going off script.  We are tossing out the formulas and letting our characters develop without consideration for the formula everyone says works.   This time around we are going for laughs, cheesy romance and a lot of slap-stick adventure.  

Of course with any luck, the biggest change this season will be the weather and there will be bluer skies ahead.

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