Sunday, February 5, 2012


A year ago I moved to Korea in search of a deprivation tank.
Expectations were minimal. I just wanted space to breath.
I had no interest in anything other than being alone.

What was received was beyond what I could imagine.
What was experienced was more then I deserved.
It was a home where I never thought to look.

 At times I feel an obligation to write a long reflection upon
the twelve months that brought me to myself, 
but really - the only thing to say is,
"I am new and transformed."

My life turned upon its axis.

The changes in me are most reflected,
in the people and world around me.
It is quieter, smaller
more precise.

   My drama has found it's footing,
it's cast of characters,
and the plot is moving forward.

One might say I've caught my tale,
and my breath. 

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